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 > BEACHES in Evia Island
BEACHES in Evia Island
Achladeri in Evia Island
Beach Achladeri, Village Achladeri, Island Evia, Greece  

In Achladeri you will have the chance to enjoy the sun and the sea, since the beaches of the area are very beautiful, organized and ideal for sea sports. Korasida is among the best choices, as it consists of shiny pebbles and crystal clear waters. If you happen to be hre late in the afternoon don't omit to stay and watch the sunset. Kalamos which is located within a small distance is among the most well-known beaches of Evia, offering golden sand and turqiose waters. You will be bale to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in its cool waters. After this one, there's th...| more info

Agia Anna in Evia Island

Agia Anna is among the most frequented beach of the whole Evia island. It's a vast beach and many people chose to visit it, mainly in the summer, both from the rest of the Evia island and the Continental Greece as well. You can get here by driving for 2 hours from Chalkida or from the port of Edipsos if you are coming here from Northern Greece. During the summer lots of people chose to come here in order to camp for a few days, either by bringing their tents or trailers.The fine dark sand of the beach is ideal for beach volley, sunbathing under the hot sun, whil...| more info

Alykes in Evia Island

It is one of the most popular beaches of the area, visited by thousands of bathers during the summer months. Its visitors mainly arrive here not only from nearby Chalkida and its surrounding area but also from Athens. The beach is vast and sandy, with warm waters and organized, offering umbrllas and sunbeds.From early in the morning to late in the evening you will be able to enjoy swimming and to sit and relax drinking your coffee in one of the nearby cafeterias afterwards,viewing the beautiful coastline of central Evia.In Alikes beach you will also have the cha...| more info

Amarinthos in Evia Island
Amarinthos – Evia – Greece  

This is the most frequented and popular beach of Amarinthos. It is a rather vast beach and during the summer lots of visitors come here in order to swim and sunbathe. It is sandy with crystalline waters and ideal for sea sports. There are a few shops and restaurants nearby in case you need anything.


...| more info
Chiliadou in Evia Island
Chiliadou – Evia - Greece  

Chiliadoy is considered among the most beautiful beaches in Evia and for obvious reasons. The combination of the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea, the sand and the pebbles with the rocks located both on the beach and above it create a magical scenery where you will want to stay for many hours. During the summer months the beach of Chiliadou is being flooded by hundreds of visitors. However, the beach is vast and it is unlikely that you will feel confined.Locateds on the beach, there are a few taverns offering delicious local specialties and of course fresh s...| more info

Edipsos in Evia Island
Beach Edipsos - Evia - Greece  

Beautiful coastal town Edipsos is surrounding by a few realy remarkable beaches. Kanatadika is one of the most picturesques beaches of Edipsos. The waters are clean and clear, the environment surrounding it is beautiful, ideal to keep you here in order to enjoy the sun and relax next to the sea. An equally beautiful beach is Agios Nikolaos. It is rather extended and sandy, located in a lush green environment, ideal for sunbathing and playing in its waters.



...| more info
Englezonisi in Evia Island

It can be found opposite the beach of Panagitsa. It is a beautiful lush-green islet to visit, though no-one lives there today. You will be able to discover some sandy bays where lots of visitors go to sunbathe during the months of the summer. An Englishman was enchanted by its beauty and decided to built a house and move there for a few years there, thus the island's name ("Englezonisi" means "the Englishman's island" in greek). You can still see the remains of his house today in the island. On the island there is also a small chapel dedicated to Saint Nikolaos....| more info

Eretria in Evia Island
Eretria – Evia – Greece  

During the months of the summer in the resort of Eretria you will be able to see lots of foreigners as well as people coming from Athens. The beach of Eretria is located right next to the "Island of Dreams" and it is a rather lengthy beach. It is a very well looked-after beach and some interventions initiated by the municipality of Eretria regarding the planting of trees and the growing of blue-grass turned out rather successful. The waters here are clean and warm, while lots of people continue coming to swim here even late at night, since Eretria in the summer ...| more info

Lefkandi in Evia Island
Lefkandi – Evia – Greece  

Lefkandi is very well-know for its taverns that serve ouzo and this combined with the rather vast beach it has to offer makes it a pole of attraction for many during the months of the summer. The beach consists of both small pebbles and sand. The waters are warm, clean and calm.If you wish to use sunbeds and umbreallas you will have to bring your own since this beach is not organized, in order to offer such facilities.Alongside the coastal road there are some cafeterias, taverns serving ouzo and other restaurants. Thus, after enjoying swimming you will be able t...| more info

Limnionas in Evia Island

This beautiful beach is located on the east side of central Evia, in the village of Agia Sophia ehich belong to the municipality of Messapia. It is only one hour away from the city of Chalkida and two hours away from Athens. The conduit to get there is rather impressive. During your trip you will be able to admire the lush green envieonment on both sides of the road, consisitng of firs and pine trees, until you reach this fine beach. You will most likely love this place at first sight. The waves break on the rocks which at some points form caves, while there is ...| more info

Malakontas-Agios Andreas in Evia Island

Agios Andrea is the most frequented beach of the general area of Malakontas. It is a rather extended sandy beach, consisting of clear crystalline waters, ideal for sunbathing and fun on the sand. You will have the chance to enjoy a racket ball game or beach volley.

...| more info
Orei in Evia Island
Orei – Evia – Greece  

Right next to the fishing village of Orei you will be able to discover one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole island of Evia. It is a rather vast beach with clean crystalline waters. You will be able to enjoy swimming and sunbathing in a calm and peaceful environment. In the area you will find a few picturesque traditional taverns serving fresh fish as well as other delicious dishes. Orei is an ideal place to visit in order to get rid of the tension and the anxieties of everyday life and you will find this out yourselves as long as you reach this calm an...| more info

Panagitsa in Evia Island

This beach can be found in the location of the same name, which was named after the chapel of Panagitsa (Virgin Mary).It can be found next to the little bay of Drosia, it's a rather ectended beach consisting of both sand and pebbles.. Unfortunately you won't find a cafeteria here, but you can get lots of things you may need from a small tent located nearby. From here you can get to the Drosia by car, as it is only 1 kilometer away.

...| more info
Pefki in Evia Island
Pefki – Evia – Greece  

The vast beach of Pefki, extending in a length of 5 kilometers, consists a pole of attraction for hundreds of visitors every summer. It combines calmness and entertainment and alongside the beach there are numerous high pine trees. Under the shade of those trees you will be able to take a rest, while along the coastal road you will find some restaurants serving ouzo as well as some taverns, where you can get something to eat after swimming. You will find the cool waters of Northern Evia very enjoyable. Starting from Pefki you will have the chance to catch the "f...| more info

Psaropouli in Evia Island

Psaropouli is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Northern Evia, and its extended length of 4 kilometers is rather impressive. It is among the most frequented beaches of Evia, but even if you want to be away from the crowd you will most likely find a place, as it is more than 4 kilometers as already stated above. Its waters are crystal clear, ideal for swimming and fishing alike, while its extended sand stretch offers a great opportunity for relaxation, sunbathing, or even a game of racket ball or beach volley. Along the coastal road there are lots o...| more info

Valopoula in Evia Island

Valopoula is one of the most frequented beaches of the area, located near the centre of Drosia village and the beach of Agios Minas. It's a rather long sandy beach with shallow waters and you will definitely enjoy swimming here. It's only disadvantage is perhaps that there isn't a cafeteria or a restaurant nearby. Still you will be able to find a canteen located on the sand, where you can get delicious snacks, water and refreshments.Lots of night people prefer to organize beach parties with guitars here, in the summer evenings under the moonlight.

...| more info
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