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 > VILLAGES of Heraklio
VILLAGES of Heraklio
Agia Pelagia in Heraklio

The village of Agia Pelagia is located within a distance of 25 kilometers away from the city of Heraklion, on the northern coast of the island and has a permanent population of about 500 people. Though relatively small, it is a very well known tourist resort with several facilities and exquisite sandy beaches witch attract lots of visitors, especially during the months of the summer. You will have to chance to choose among lodging facilities of all kinds which will surely supply your needs and will also fit your budget. There is also a wide variety of restaurant...| more info

Arhanes in Heraklio

Acharnes is a beautiful city situated on an green basin east of the mount Giouchta, 10km from Knossos. The city preserves its name from the antiquity; its history is estimated to be of thousands of years. As it is expected, the surrounding area is of special archeological interest. The diggings demonstrated that the first settlement was built here around 6000 BC. Further, it resulted that Acharnes was a particularly important Minoan city which was flourishing. The luxurious and magnificent palace built here around 1900 BC is indicative of the wealth of the city;...| more info

Arkalohori in Heraklio

Arkalochori (also Arkalokhori) is a modern city in Crete and the archaeological site of a Minoan sacred cave in eastern Crete. The sacred cave was used from 2500 to 1450 BCE. It is located 32 km south of Heraklion and has a population of 15000.Arkalochori is not far south from the newly discovered Minoan palace at Galatas. Bronze and gold double axes have been excavated at the Arkalochori cave.The Arkalochori Axe is a votive double axe excavated in the Arkalochori cave by Spyridon Marinatos. It is notable for being engraved with an inscription of 15 symbols. Som...| more info

Arvi in Heraklio

Arvi is a small fishing village on the coast that is surrounded by hot houses. In the area there are Byzantine churches, a war monument, and a pleasant beach.


...| more info
Gouves in Heraklio
  ...| more info
Hani Kokini in Heraklio

This is another one frequented tourist resort of northern Crete, located within a distance of 13 kilometers away from the city of Heraklion, near Gouves. It is permanently populated by approximately 1000 inhabitants, which is multiplying during the months of the summer. During antiquity the area obviously flourished, a fact confirmed by the ruins of the Minoan palace of Niros. Among other items of particular archaeological interest, vessels, vases, utensils, and ceramics were found. There is also evidence that a shipyard used to operate during the Minoan times o...| more info

Limenas Hersonissou in Heraklio

Hersonisos is a small vilage of approximately 4000 people and it is located only 27 kilometers away from Heraklion of Crete. Howeveer, its population during the summer months multiplies as lots of visitors from every country fo the world arrive here. This happens because Hersonisos is the largest tourist resort of the perfecture of Heraklion and one of the largest and most equipped of the whole island of Crete. Here you will be able to chose among all kinds of lodging facilities, ranging from luxurious hotel complexes to smaller but always comfortable rooms to l...| more info

Malia in Heraklio

Malia is a locaion with a history of thousands of years and this is particularly obvious if you choose to visit the ruins of the Minoan Palace that is situated here. This particular palace was originaly built in the Bronze Era, but suffered severe damages when an earthquake hit Crete. However, soon enough it was rebuilt and most of the ruins that survive until this day date back to the second period of its construction, near the end of the Bronze Era.Modern Malia is among the most well-known tourist resorts of Crete, due to its impressive variety of bars, clubs ...| more info

Matala in Heraklio

Apart from the hippies, the caves were used as dwellings by prehistoric man. There have also been found several tombs, dug in the rock, dating back to the Roman and Early Christian era. The small church dedicated to Panaghia (Holy Virgin), dug in the rock does also go back to this period and it is dated in the period of Roman persecutions of Christians. The place used as a catacomb for the persecuted Christian people, as show the steps carved on the rock.Today the place is considered as an archaeological site, the caves have been fenced and access and staying th...| more info

Piskopiano in Heraklio

Piskopiano is a small traditional village of only 450 inhabitants which is located within a distance of 30 kilometers away from the city of Heraklion. The first thing that will impress you when you visit its distinguishable architecture with most of its houses having arches, which is the most characterizing feature of the village. The village Of Koutouloufari is located within such a small distance from Piskopiano that the impression often given is that there is only one village in the area instead of two. While you're here, it is really worth it to visit the ch...| more info

Servili Tilissou in Heraklio

Tylissos situated on the Northeastern mountainsides of Psiloritis, at a distance of 13 kilometres Southwestern to Heraklion, Tylissos is a big village, inland, but close enough to the sea, with more than 1.000 permanent residents. It still holds the name it had since the Minoan period, when it was a flourishing independed city, an ally of the powerful city of Knossos. Three Minoan villas are worth seeing within the village. The villas are dated to the New Palace Period, and collapsed in the 15th century b.C., along with the palace of Cnossos. The ruins of a Mino...| more info

Stalida in Heraklio

Stalida is another well-known tourist resort of the Heraklion prefecture, which is normally quiet during the winter and flooded with tourists during with summer, who arrive here to spend their holidays. It has around 1000 permanent residents and is located 33 kilometers eastern of the city of Heraklion and merely 3 kilometers western of Malia. The beaches of the village are remarkable, both those consisting of sand and those who are more rocky and ideal for diving and snorkeling.In the area you will discover a wide variety, ranging from big hotel complexes...| more info

Zaros in Heraklio

Zaros is one of the big villages of the Heraklion prefecture with about 3500 permanent inhabitants and is located in a lush green area, within a distance of approximately 42 kilometers from the city of Heraklion. In the village you will be able to find two spacious hotels and several rooms to let. There is also a Town Hall, a police station, a post office, a primary school and a high school. Within a distance of 2 kilometers from Zaros there is the lake of Zaros with its water factory and a breeding ground for trouts and salmons as well as several restaurants. W...| more info

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