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 > VILLAGES of Lassithi
VILLAGES of Lassithi
Agia Fotia in Lassithi

The picturesque village of Agia Fotia is located approximately 6 kilometers away from Ierapetra and constitutes a pole of attraction for many visitors every summer, mainly due to its exquisite beach. In the general area there are several tourist facilities, from hotels and rooms to let to restaurants, cafeterias and tourist shops. Near the village of Agia Fotia a whole cemetery was discovered after excavation projects that took place, dating back to the Minoan period, with lots of vessels, bronze items and utensils as well as some other findings which you are ab...| more info

Anatoli in Lassithi

The picturesque village of Anatoli is located within a distance of approximately 31 kilometers away from Agios Nikolaos and 14 kilometers away from Ierapetra. It is the seat of the municipality of the same name, which consists of four smaller settlements, where reside permanently approximately 1200 inhabitants. In particular, it consists of the settlements of Kalogeri, Stomio, Ammoudares and Anatoli, which is the most known of the municipality. It is built on an altitude of about 650 meters above sea level, a fact that adds a magnificent view to the island of Ch...| more info

Elounda in Lassithi

Elounda is a small fishing town on the Elounda Bay, on the island of Crete, Greece. It is popular with European tourists and has several hotels. Elounda is also the closest major town to the former leper colony of Spinalonga. The town is close to the city of Aghios Nikolaos and the village of Plaka (Lassithi).Elounda is the self-proclaimed "most luxurious resort" in Greece. It is home to many luxury 5-star hotels as well as budget accommodation. Most of the major luxury hotels are located out of town, set in their own grounds.Many bars and restaurants can ...| more info

Ierapetra in Lassithi

Ierapetra is one of the most important municipalities of the Lasithi prefecture and at the same time the southernmost town in Europe, with a permanent population of about 25000 people. It is a coastal town, situated in the bay of the same name, where a particularly high tourist activity is observed during the summer.The town of Ierapetra is known since the Minoan times, however the period of its great flourish was during the classic antiquity when it was classified among the most developed town of the whole island of Crete. Later on, however, during the 3r...| more info

Kalo Horio in Lassithi

The small village of Istro is 8km south of Agios Nikolaos and has some very beautiful beaches on the east side. You can park your car at the top at the side of road and walk down.

...| more info
Makrigialos in Lassithi

Makris Gialos and Analipsi, which have grown together, form a peaceful bathing place that is particularly popular with families because of its beautiful sandy beach and taverns close by. In the summer, if there are enough people interested, it is possible to make a boat trip from Makrigialos to the nearby, inhabited island Koufounisi. A few excavations can also be observed in this area; a sign leads to a late Minoan manor and a little further, next to the church, the remains of an old Roman settlement can be admired. Makris Gialos is an authentic fisherman's vil...| more info

Milatos in Lassithi

The village of Milatos is located in the area of Mirabello, 35 kilometers northwestern of Agios Nikolaos, like the neighbouring settlement of Milatos' beach, within a distance of merely one kilometer. The main occupation of the residents of Milatos, who can usually be found around the little port of the village, which is secured from heavy winds, is fishing. However, in the port of Milatos, apart from fishing boats, you will be able to see some tourist boats as well. In the area there are also several tourist facilities such as hotels, rooms to let, cafeterias a...| more info

Mohlos in Lassithi

Mochlos is one of the oldest settlements of Crete and dates back to the Minoan period. It is a coastal village, situated within a small distance from Siteia, which is the biggest town of the general area. As with the other areas of Crete that are inhabited since antiquity, in Mochlos lots of important findings of the Minoan period were discovered, notably vessels made of clay and stone, bronze items and utensils, jewellery and others. Due to its geographical positioning right next to the sea, Mochlos constituted an important commercial port with a significant fi...| more info

Neapoli in Lassithi

Neapolis is a beautiful city, 15km from Agios Nikolaos on the highway from Agios Nikolaos to Iraklion. Neapolis is the former capital of the prefecture of Lassithi (currently Agios Nikolaos), still has the provincial courts and is the seat of local government. One of its most renowned citizens was Petros Filargos or Pope Alexander V. He studied in Heraklion and then in San Francesco at the Venetian monastery. After a lot of studies all over Europe he was declared Pope in 1409. He died in Bologna. Neapolis was under the Turks and Adhosidis Kostis Pasha. Many mona...| more info

Paleokastro in Lassithi

Paleokastro is a small village located on the east coast of Crete. It is a village of important historical precedent. Back in the Minoan times the region was a commercial centre. The port of neighbouring Itanos (today located several meters underwater) serves as proof of its importance. Nearby there is also the ancient Minoan settlement Roussolakkos, close to the beach of Chiona. Excavations that took place in the general area indicate that an important commercial centre had flourished, which was back then among the discerned Minoan settlements of the eastern si...| more info

Sissi in Lassithi

Though basically a small village of about 700 permanent residents, located 26 kilometers northwestern of Agios Nikolaos, Sisi has evolved into a very popular tourist resort during the last few years. Its exquisite sandy beach is considered to be the main cause for that. The moment you arrive here, you will be impressed by the unique combination of the old buildings of the village with the modern tourist facilities of the hotels. Within a very short distance you will have the ability to visit some remarkable sites, such as the Monastery of Agios Georgios Selinari...| more info

Sitia in Lassithi

Sitia is a port town, with 8,900 inhabitants (2001) and a municipality, with 14,400 inhabitants (2001) in the far east of Crete, in the prefecture of Lasithi. It lies to the east of Agios Nikolaos and to the northeast of Ierapetra.The town is one of the economic centers of the Lasithi region. European route E75, which ends in Vardo, starts in Sitia. An international airport is under construction; it will presumably become operational in summer 2005.The earliest settlement of the town dates back to Minoan times; excavations in the neighbouring site of Petras have...| more info

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